Luxury real estate market in Miami

Do you want to buy or sell property in Miami? Since this is not your daily business, it is important to find Miami realtors as they are more versed with the market developments. Realtors or real estate agents are an essential part of property deals whether it is for a simple 1 bedroom condo or a lavish home.

A realtor helps to make your purchase or selling hassle-free as possible. It is recommended that you find a real estate agent by recommendation from a person you know well. This makes you confident of the outcome when you are introduced by a past client of the realtors.

It is not all the time that you will get a recommendation. You can still use your own means to find a reliable real estate agent. Using the internet is quite viable as it saves you from going   from one realtor’s office to another when finding a good agent.

You can find good Miami realtors who can assist you with Sunny Isles real estate or other areas in Miami by looking out for these qualities:


An agent who has been in business for a longer time is likely to do a better job than a greenhorn.   Find out the time that a realtor has worked in Miami and the number of successful deals. Do not risk your money with someone who is experimenting. It is also important to establish is the agent has dealt with properties similar to yours another time therefore know the way to bargain and likely challenges.

An agent who has done multiple deals knows not only tricks of this trade but also best property inspectors and lawyers. If you are dealing with an agent for the first time, it is important that you request for references of previous clients.


Hiring a realtor means that you surrender the negotiations with potential sellers or buyers. It is therefore important that you deal with a responsive ready to provide detailed answers to anything you want to know about property. Real estate in Miami and other areas as well is complicated as there is no fixed price for the property. There are also many factors that affect the price at which you buy or sell a property. Deals go through different levels and contingencies witching certain time.

Miami realtors should be highly responsive by communicating to the parries involved as many times as it is necessary without waiting to be asked. They can help you to find St Regis Bal Harbour by searching all the inventory out there, An action oriented realtor wakes the parties with updates even at the risk of being considered annoying for frequent calls or emails. The players in real estate including lenders respond well to relentless agents.

Knowledge of the market

Market knowledge is one of the most important qualities for anyone who represents you in real estate deals. A tot agent will have numeric insights into Miami property trends at the fingertips. An agent should know the demographics and socio economics in the neighborhood of a condo. An agent with much knowledge about Miami will advise you about the best neighborhoods even informing you about planning and future development.

Good realtors with market knowledge can recognize current trends and predict future market developments based on historic data in their possession thereby giving you a complete market overview and its detailed explanation. If you are buying, they also know the amenities at various condos.

Grasp of prices

Great realtors are those who know the average sales price/square foot in specific streets and neighborhoods to protect you from paying excess for a condo or selling it at lower price than market value. Realtors should have good comparison of the prices of different condos close by. Also it’s important to know all preconstruction developments such as Turnberry Ocean Club Work with an agent who can place condos in various categories based on market data and explains why certain houses or condos have greater value for money. Good realtors are those who make things easier by providing list of selling and rental prices for various condos in Miami neighborhoods so that you can easily make comparisons.


Negotiating capabilities

The best Miami realtors are those who can negotiate because property prices are mostly about haggling. Find an agent who can read the mind of other parties and know how to counter them in order to get an excellent deal for you. This means that your realtor should have   perfect communication skills. Great communicators easily win trust   from other parties increasing the chances of getting a competitive deal for you.

It is important to have a realtor who suits the job if you hope to get value for your money is property business.